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May 31, 2005


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At the end of yesterday's column on the Senate filibuster compromise, L.A. Times political correspondent Ron Brownstein alerts readers that his new wife recently became the spokeswoman for Sen. John McCain. She had been a producer at CNN. My wife recen... [Read More]

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Wonkette intern Fred Becker returns with more thoughts on the Washington media scrum. Fred can be reached at m("fred","wonkette.com",true);. While LA Times columnist Ron Brownstein is off gazing into his new wife’s navel on their Paris honeymoon,... [Read More]


I don't see the big deal here. Lots of Washington political-types are married to media-types. For example, Matt Cooper of Time Magazine is married to Mandy Grunwald, profiled in the 6-1 New York Times as a key adviser to Hillary Clinton.

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