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March 13, 2006


I hope this comment goes through, because I think I put a link in a comment here once (never again) and every comment I've posted since has been banned. I haven't emailed you or anything to correct the (perceived) injustice, but only because it hasn't cost me anything.

I'd assume Google has a more sophisticated way of sorting out the spam from the good-faith content, but I don't think it takes much to set off a cyber-alarm. Your hundreds of lost readers should contact Google.

scary shit.

did you email them? what was the hack? isn't there a googlewatch or a search engine watch?

For those who are interested, I started a thread on the Search Engine Watch Forums...

The Peoples Cube web site recently complained of a similar problem.

In their case the issue was hidden spam text. Not spam that a user would notice, but spam that would normally fool the google robot into giving the site more links than the visible text justified. (see the link below for details)


Google is going down. Yahoo! is the future in searching.

The Drudge Report posted a link to this article


in which a website is suing google for being deleted. The article goes on to say that:

"Some sites resort to dirty tricks, hoping the shenanigans will fool Google into highlighting their Web links.

Google regularly tweaks its search formula to weed out the mischief makers _ sometimes called "Black Hats." In the worst cases, Google exiles the manipulative Web sites, a practice that has become known as being sent to "the sandbox" for the equivalent of a children's time out."

You should contact them and find out. I'm sure it was an oversight.


Are you sure you aren't using Google China? Just kidding...this sucks. I wish I had some advice...

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