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May 24, 2006


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I'm so inspired, I might just try this same approach on my children! Gee, it never occured to me to just tell them to STOP!

And in the same vein that you said "stop the bullshit" they will look at you and say "who in hell are you!".

My God. I never realized it before, but he's an idiot.

Wow, thats going to be one mighty big room!

Is it just me or does everyone else cringe when they see Hyhan's smug mug pictured on this web page. That picture just screams, "Look at me! I'm such a weasel!"

Hey, it's a small step up from Glenn Reynolds' solution.

If McCain's approach works, think of all of the other conflicts we could then resolve: Israeli-Palestinian, China-Taiwan, N. Korea-S. Korea, Darfur, &c.

By the way, isn't this straight out of a South Park episode where Jimmy and Timmy bring together the Bloods and the Crips with their simple entreaty "Just, knock it off." It worked there, so who is to say it won't work with the Sunnis and Shi'ites?

Someone should sit John McCain down and tell *him*, stop the bullshit.

Is it just me or does everyone else cringe when they see Hyhan's smug mug pictured on this web page. That picture just screams, "Look at me! I'm such a weasel!"

Congratulations, Brendan. The loonies have found you. Now you know your words are being heard and making an impact!

So basically what you're saying is that he's going to pull a post-riot Rodney King? 'Can't we all just get along'?

No, Fool, it's not just you.

It's not too far from the Bush administration's original threat to Sadaam in the Security Council resolution, viz. if he didn't cooperate with the inspections regime there would be "serious consequences." Got that, Sadaam?

if he didn't cooperate with the inspections regime there would be "serious consequences."

exactly. if they don't "stop the bullshit" we'll invade again. that'll show 'em, whoever they are.

personally, i think "cut the crap" is a more realistic foreign policy. i know this is a big debate in the GOP. the crapistas have an uphill battle if they want their vision to prevail over the bullshitniks.

Listen, McCain is way ahead of the Shrubster on this one. Bush had to have it explained to him, specifically, that there were two kinds of Muslims, Shia and Suni, in the days before the invasion, and he didn't really "get it" even then. Of course, McCain's approach sure looks to me like he doesn't "get it" either.

As so many posters have pointed out, McCain's "proposal" leaves out a whole universe of historical, cultural, and religious differences. Of course, it's short, forthright, short, to-the-point, short, obscene, short and blunt, not to mention short, so it'll appeal to the typical American voter, you bet!

Now, what about the next season of "American Idol?"


Actually, I think you are all missing the point.

I get the sense that he is saying that he will get personally engaged in the discussion between the Shia and the Suni. In my point of view, cutting the bullshit simply means getting past all the rhetorical crap and getting to the meat of the dispute. In some managment training courses this is called popping a level. Basically bringing the arguement to a different viewpoint.

As a someone who can supposedly see through ths spin, I find it really interesting how you are spinning 3 words out of a candidates mouth without any regard to the context.

Now I don't really know anything about McCain, so I'm not really for or against him at this point, but what the rest of the article mentions him saying seems right on the money to me.

His mention of the immigration problem in France is an interesting clue that he actually uses historical information to make his decisions.

Just be careful, it's easy to get sucked into your own spin.

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