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June 14, 2006


If you're a Democrat, this is excellent. Half of the discontent you see online is driven by a sense that our representatives are unwilling to hit back. That's part of why Reid is so popular, even when he makes apparent missteps, and even though his politics differ from those online: people think he's willing to hit back.

If I ever do support J. Edwards for President, it will be in no small part because, in the closing days of the '04 election, he noted that he'd played football while Bush was a cheerleader.

I could totally do without hearing the phrases "cut and run" or "culture of corruption" ever again.

[the evolution of insults]

News Story from August 2008:

In a hastily called press conference yesterday, [the Republican Presidential candidate] claimed that, contrary to published reports, his mother did, in fact, wear combat boots. "My mother served proudly in those combat boots," said [x].

Democrats quickly responded with stories of their own mothers. "The Republicans claim their own mothers wore combat boots, but, due to Republican health care policies, not all Americans are lucky enough to do so. My mamma was so fat that when she sat around the house..."

Whatever happened to "Turnaround is fair play"?

Kerry's spokesman could have responded to the merits of George Bush's leading domestic policy advisor (Rove) in a calm and detached manner. But that would only enable the Republican's smear strategy. Which would be immoral.

There is no parallel here. Turnaround *is* fair play. It appears that Mr. Nynan is merely burnishing his pseudo-fairminded credentials. A true parallel would show some high profile Democrat actually *initiating* a smear.

Besides, Rove is fat: it's pretty rich for him to and his chickenhawk buddies to run on a platform of military prowess.

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