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July 21, 2006


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Why comment as to the 1980s when discussing the hiring of cops? They had no effect, despite a growing national economy. After Dinkins was in office for one whole year (1990), the number of murders in NYC reached an all time high (2,245, an increase of over 300 in one year!). After four years in office, the number of murders was still higher than when Dinkins was elected. After four years of Giuliani there were 700 less murders!
As to the 5000 cops Dinkins hired (on his way out), they would not have been used. Evidence of this is the Korean boycott and the riots involving the murder of Yankel Rosenbaum, but these are but a few examples. Generally speaking the cops were handcuffed by race baiters and rights activists. As a result, the city was deemed ungovernable. This, however, was not because of resources. It was the direct result of weak leadership. By the way the drop in crime under Giuliani was more than twice the national average. Ideas, therefore, do matter, and we saw them not only in the area of crime, but welfare reform, municipal hiring, the budget, and taxes. It was Giuliani's handling of all of these areas that resulted in NYC's ongoing renaissance.

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