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August 07, 2006


Congratulations, Brendan. Would love to hear more about it, if and when you have the inclination.



Congrats! Remind me to tell you some stories of when we brought the Prince home...;-)

Congratulations! Mine just turned 1 and I can't tell you where the time went. Enjoy!

Congrats! Your sense of of the passing of time will never be the same again. Ours are 3 years and 4 months, and it's amazing to me how much they change in so short a time. Take lots of pictures! :)

Congrats and welcome to your new family edition! The memories of sleep deprivation become funny stories on down the road. These are incredibly precious days for your family; store the moments like treasure.

Congrats! Boy? Girl?

Thanks everyone. I try to keep my personal life off the blog (largely because it's not that interesting) but this seemed worth mentioning. And in response to XL's question, it's a boy!

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