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August 19, 2006


Upcoming ledes:

"Sure, Bush may break the law now and again, but don't we all? I mean, you speed, don't you? So why all the fuss?"


"Karl Rove has been demonized for putting his own side first. He's like the ultimate football fan, the political Dog Pound. And don't we, deep down, really love those people willing to go to such great lengths to show their loyalty?"

and, of course:

"You know, the Devil has gotten some mighty bad press recently, but every issue needs two sides."

Does it really matter what you think of this woman?? Her career is now toast. She is married to that soldier who made up horrible lies about himself and other soldiers in Iraq, Scott Thomas Beauchamp, because he wants to be the next Hemingway. He is a loser and she is a loser also.

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