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September 13, 2006


I know you don't need to hear this but, if all they have is ad hominem, you won the debate.

There's a lot of ad hominem but also some corrections and some calm disection of Brendan's odd take on the quote. The quote doesnt's exploit the suicide-- or, at least, Brendan never explains why he thought it did. The quote compares the lady's sensitive conscience with Bush's lack of one. Period. No exploitation. I

I'll correct myself: there is A LOT of ad hominen. When I read that post this morning there were only fifteen or so comments total, not over three hundred.

There is a lot of ad-hominem from commenters, but the nature of the response reflects the nature of the post.

Saying "look aren't they all bad" doesn't absolve Brenden of the responsibility to employ basic reading comprehension and civil rhetoric. He has fairly failed in either case.

Note to Brendan Lovers (Hi Brendan's Mom!), note how Brendan refuses to acknowledge how he missed the point of the first post, never addressed the original poster, false accused Atrios of writing the second post, and then demanded that Atrios treat Brendan's writing seriously.

Note to Brendan, as your favorite media sources will always claim, "they hate me on the left and they hate me on the right, so I must be correct!", but that doesn't mean you are actually correct. Sometimes you are the last to understand that you have bad breath.

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