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February 25, 2007



Oops! The article says 2.2 billion... 3 billion predicted by the end of the year. Much of the growth from the Third World.

Thanks for catching the typo; it's fixed above.

Another hard hitting commentary challenging the "facts".

And you know damned well she meant it literally. Why, my BlackBerry doesn't even tak photos!

Take THAT, Hollywood liberals.

Wow- this is your complaint? Luckily you have a blog to help get this off your chest.

So the *literal* truth is (guessing) that hundreds of millions of people can now take and transmit still photos, with something that they have with them almost always, which fits comfortably in their pockets. Tens of millions (ramping up sharply) can take short video clips.

Ten years ago, the number of people who could do this would be the number of people who carried a camera with them, wherever they went.

It's an amazing leap, and one which is still on the way up at a steep rate.

This is worth getting worked-up about?

Um... ok.

She's almost as out of touch as the Presnit, when he went bike riding Saturday during the White House/Homeland Security 10 city terrorist bombing drill. Better than getting caught reading "My Pet Goat."

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