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August 08, 2007


All right, so maybe the Democratic candidates aren't winners. But Clinton is a veteran whiner, and Edwards is a champion wiener. Isn't that close enough?

Shouldn't that be four wins total for the Democrats, counting Obama's election? One extra win for the Republicans, spread among three candidates, doesn't seem like an overwhelming advantage.

Thanks; the error is corrected above. And yes, the Republicans are relatively unproven too.

I'm glad someone FINALLY took a look at Hillary's record as a politician on her own... not as a candidate's spouse.

Obama has had several hard primary elections for state senate... more hard elections than any other candidate in the field.

So, Mr. Nyhan, will you take the IAT test or not? I'd love to see the results.

Maybe you'll be as utterly unbiased as you think you are. But maybe you won't.

Wouldn't it be interesting to learn?

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