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March 26, 2009


Congratulations on your defense!

Also, i hope you saw the SNL skit where Rahm Emanuel wanted Barack Obama to get angry and turn into The Rock Obama.

I especially like how the Politico article accuses Obama of borrowing and spending more than anyone in history and of telling the rich to "Suck it up" and pay more in taxes.

Because raising taxes to close a deficit is so last century.

When Harris and Martin say, "What he meant...", I think they mean, "What we heard..." The alleged mind-reading is simply a way to inject their own opinions without explicitly saying so.

I think Obama deserves criticism, because some of his pronouncements sound like "Newspeak." In particular, his Orwellian claim to be reducing the deficit while his Administration has so far been notable for stupendous increases in federal spending.

Jinchi, raising taxes is a reasonable way to close a deficit. However, I think Obama's unparalleled increase in federal commitments shows a lack of genuine concern about the deficit.

To me Harris and Martin are obviously just using "translation" as a framing device. It's a joke, almost. It's like this YouTube translation of his radio address. When he says "Those are the concerns I've heard about in letters from people from across this country" they translate it to "People have been sending me Tea Bags in the mail," etc. It's not that they're pretending to read his mind, they're purposely projecting their worldview into his mind for the sarcasm effect.

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