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October 29, 2004


This morning, the sign was gone.


At least it gave me a few good chuckles.

Communists? First we have to worry about terrorists, and now the communists are back too? Next thing the anti-segregationists will be back to threaten our way of life!

I've seen a better one:

"They stole my Kerry/Edwards sign--just like they stole Florida in 2000!"

Um ... here at agit-prop central, we had posted it under the humor category?

Umm, how does he know they're communists? If they left their Party credentials, they're no longer card-carrying members...

"We shall steal their signs. We shall TP their houses. We shall key their cars. Thus we shall destroy their will to resist." --Lenin

They're not communists man, we kicked them out of the party last month cause they wouldn't pay their dues

That is probably why they have to resort to stealing Bush signs, cause they're too lazy to work, and they never have money

Just checked out the guy's website, I actually know him! He's pretty wacky, but I am surprised he just out and out lied (about the communists and check out the links on his page). I'm disapointed too, I knew he was nutty, but not that he was a liar.

There is a FAQ on this guy at:


FAQ #100...

100. Who is Steve Winter?

Steve Winter is a defrocked pastor (apparantly by the same man who ordained him - Marvin Arnold) and the operator of a system known as "PRIME.ORG". He lives in Durham, NC, and is also a re-seller of computer equipment1. At one point, he had begun to re-sell internet services (presumably from PSI), though that ISP TOS'd him (see below). He continues to list internet access on his web page, so he is likely reselling from or through his current provider. Mr. Winter claims to be a Reverend representing "Jesus Name Apostolic Holiness Church, Inc." He operates a Web page ( http://www.prime.org ) which describes his particular doctrinal distinctive. He claims the page is a ministry of the aforementioned church.

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