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October 26, 2004


Funny, I always thought the reference was military in origin, rather than sport.

well, maybe not all of maureen's fault, but enough is.

how nedra pickler still has a job, though, is beyond me; at least dowd is, once in a while, funny.

I think the Media's obsession with style over substance, or with the supposed innermost thoughts or intuitive aspects of the candidates rather than the deeper factual aspects of their policy positions or qualitatively vetting who is right and who is wrong as charges of lying or exaggerating are made, is that the latter actually involves work and effort, whereas anybody can pontificate on the unknowable with minimal effort. Somewhere along the way, the 4th Estate has abdicated its role of reporting deductive matters in favor of divining the intuitive -- presumably because nobody can prove a conclusion about something entirely intuitive and subjective to be false (after all, it is intuitive and subjective) whereas a reporter who screws up on the facts is actually putting his or her career at risk because facts can be verified or proven wrong. I guess this is just another manifestation of the trend toward the media pandering to the short attention span of the viewing public. I guess both the reporters and the public share the blame for the deterioration of "quality" in the press.

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