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October 31, 2004


Pastor Steve Winter has a minor Web and Usenet presence. For some perspective on his views, here's a line from his Web site at www.prime.org:

If you are in the Durham, NC area and are looking for an Apostolic Christian Pentecostal Church that sticks with the Bible and doesn't observe heathen holidays and sinful traditions, and teaches the scriptural roles of men and women (so as not to have the congregation smitten by numerous divorces and lost children) we would like to hear from you (see email link below) as we are in process of growing a holy Church to be ready for the Rapture.


That slur went out with the collapse of The Evil Empire.

Somebody should tell this wingnut to update his dogmatic vocabulary.

I think the slur of the day is "Frenchman", which recently replaced the out-dated 'socialist' and 'anarchist'.

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