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October 24, 2004


The Independent's statement isn't that baseless.

As John Kerry pointed out in the third debate, women currently make 74 cents for every dollar men make for the same work. Bush refused to comment on the issue.

Bush would like to get rid of affirmative action. When asked about it in the last debate, Bush sidestepped the issue, then started talking in very general terms about education and the no child left behind act. I was watching the debate with a bunch of college students, and almost every black student in the room walked out at that point over the president's hypocrisy.

Bush backed a constitutional amendment that would ban gay marriage and all approximations of it (i.e. civil unions). He thus wants to deny to this majority a right given to everyone else, the very definition of a second class citizen.

Without having all of that at the forefront of your mind while reading the Independent endorsement I'm sure it does come off as crass, baseless, and without merit. But it wasn't.

"He thus wants to deny to this majority a right". Oops. That should have been MINORITY.

No, they do not have to say it out loud, nor push particular legislation. The whole conservative worldview is INTERNALLY COHERENT and its absolutely central tenet is the superiority of white rich protestant straight (though wimpy thus macho-posturing) males. Read Lakoff. Read my blog, neighbor (todays Indy has a comment/semi-apology for the front page).

Bush's 2 favorite judges, Scalia and Thomas voted for Texas' right to jail people for sodomy.

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