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February 02, 2005


I was sad to see Spinsanity go. Glad the group has had other things to do.
And even though I voted (my first election) in 2000 in Virginia, I don't recall ever hearing about the noose or the Flag. I probably voted for the Dem anyway, but still. This caught me by surprise.

You say:
"Lasso, Noose, What's the difference?"

You're kidding, right? The guy displayed western items with a lasso.. like MANY other collectors of western life.

And have mercy.. I'm black and have a confederate flag. I'm so conflicted.
I, too, collect flags (I collect much of American history) and have no problem with
someone having collected a Rebel Flag. It IS part of history, as is slavery.
Thing is.. I know many, many blacks who have gotten over slavery and way too many of you whites who have not.
Go figure.

Um, people apparently are that stupid.

anonymous, did you wear a confederate flag pin in your lapel for your SoCal HS yearbook photo? George Felix Allen did.

anon: The guy displayed western items with a lasso

Times Dispatch: an Allen spokesman said the noose was part of an "Old West," law-and-order motif

Allen spokesman: Far from being a racially charged symbol, the noose was an emblem of Allen's tough stance on law-and-order issues, LaCivita said.

like for lassoing those criminal cows.

did you even read the post?

I can't believe any progressive doesn't think that people are that stupid. not after our experince during the last 6 years or so. Americans are as dumb as dirt. Until the progressive message resonates with idiots, we are shit out of luck.

Anyone who doesn't know the difference between a lasso and a noose knows zip about the history of the West or about basic knots and their respective functions.

A lasso is a simple affair used to capture livestock. A noose is an elaborate knot whose only purpose is to hang someone. They look nothing alike.

Lucky for Mr. Allen he's not running in a state where every 5 year old knows the differnce. Here in Idaho no one would buy that bull#@*t, whatever their political leanings.

Allen is too dumb and clumsy to waste any time on. If he were smart, his racism and cruel streak would then be scary, I guess.

Furthermore, a real cowboy wouldn't leave his lasso hanging in a tree but rather on a peg or his saddle horn. On the other hand, a tree is where one would expect to find a noose, especially prior to use (the occupant and noose were invariably cut down afterward.) To see a picture of a hangman's noose, look up The Ox Bow Incident on Amazon or elsewhere. The blurb on the jacket of the copy I read called it "A searing study in mob justice." I wonder if that is the kind of law and order Allen advocated.


You don't hang a lasso from a tree.

Carry on.

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