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February 27, 2005


First, a bad idea to look to Andrew Sullivan on this one. He's hardly an impartial observer, given that gay activists targeted him over his own online activities. And his statement is full of ignorance and half-truths at best about the Gannon story.

As for the current schadenfraude about him being "outed", its natural given his homophobic statements including the one about Kerry being the "first gay president" (and not as if that was a good thing.

First, a fact. Gannon was outed as a prostitute, not as a gay journalist. But the tawdry elements have nothing to do with why this is a valid story, and have hamstrung the press from addressing real questions here that not everyone sees as trivial.

It was the evidence that he was CURRENTLY working as a PROSTITUTE and was a TAX CRIMINAL AT THE SAME TIME working as a PARTY-AFFILLIATED HACK SERVING THE INTERESTS OF THE WHITE HOUSE while given security clearance for PRIME ACCESS TO THE PRESIDENT and suggestions that he was involved with DIRTY POOL with Sen. Daschle and Joe Wilson/Valerie Plane.

I suppose a few questions to think about before you dismiss it.

Do you think Josh Marshall's coverage of US Seniors/USAwhateverphonycoverstory lobby group leading the charge against social security is trivial? I don't, and the political modus operandi of the administration are what this story is about.

Do you think that the current White House's attempts and techniques to stage-manage news while maximizing control the press are trivial?

The number of press conferences offered lower than ever in history trivial?

The pullling of long-time WH correspondents' press passes as punishment for unfriendly questions?

Do you think the revelation that the White House was paying 6 known"pundits" and journalists for positive coverage is a trivial non-story?

Do you think that the punishment of Joe Wilson via his wife's CIA career is a trivial story? Do you think it trivial that Gannon seems to have had access to those CIA docs used to unleash this punishment?

Do you think that Karl Rove's political techniques are a non-story?

The winning of the primary over John McCain in 2000 via planting of dirty pool rumours?

The Swift Boat campaign, the evidence that the take down of the Bush Air Nat Guard story via a few carefully supplied pieces of false evidence to sloppy CBS producers?

Is the story of GOP targeting of Daschle in 2004 and the techniques used trivial? Secretly paying bloggers off the campaign budget to target journalists covering Thune/Daschle, and Gannon's odd involvement with this South Dakota campaign?

Now, is it trivial that there are less than 6 degrees between Rove and Gannon?

Do you think that the WH press room should have party activists (he was in the press room as an employee of GOPUSA before his cover agency "talon news" was created) who have no press affiliation asking questions to the president, or is that trivial?

If his presence was a triviality, does it make sense that his few published writings would be scrubbed off the internet, the website domains of his organization change hands to shell corporations quickly, few would acknowledge knowing him?

Is it trivial that his own boasts on the web and writings implicate him in an ongoing grand jury criminal investigation?

If you can't see how this is part and parcel of the larger story of this White House and its "communications" operations, I believe you've missed the point. No one cares that he's gay. Lots of people care about how the White House chooses to fight its battles, and the state of political discourse in the country.

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