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February 14, 2005


Well, since Mr. Yoo probably said it with a straight face, it probably *is* anti-democratic nonsense. HOWEVER, seein' as how the Democrats have become the Loyal Opposition, Yoo's statement is still effectively true. If the Democrats won't fight the issue, the debate IS over. Bush has a clear mandate, not by virtue of the 51% vote, but because the GOP control both halves of Congress.

The problem i see is this: is it worth it to the Democrats to fight everything they can tooth and nail, regardless of any 'obstructionist' whining? Or do they pick their battles? Regardless, if they WON'T fight stuff beyond some cantankerous behavior from Barbara Boxer, then they've bought into the mandate bullshit.

It's all good and well to question the Bush administration's reign of error and lies, but if the people who can make a difference won't, where does that leave us the people? Should we elect people with bigger balls or what? Would they even be nominated?

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