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March 27, 2005


And it seems to me that with Cheney as prez, the Republican ticket would lose any moderate support (though it didn't have a great deal to begin with). Bush is the down-home guy with the Southern twang. Sure, his family is about as blue blood as they get, but he's been able to shake that image to some degree. (I remember seeing quotes many a time describing Bush as a "self-made man.")
Cheney is the ultimate insider. AND he's almost completely lacking in charm. (To say nothing of his possible health problems.) It'd be a disaster for the party.

What do you think of JEB Bush running for Prez?

Obviously, they shot up after Sept. 11 and then again when we invaded Iraq (see this chart) but after those effects -- which would have happened for any president --

I never understand that. Something about our society has a very enthusiastic reaction to war that people like me who didn't care to go to pep rallies can't understand.

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