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March 21, 2005


Funny that you mention this! My fiancé and I were having a lively interpretive dialogue (speaking for the anonymous) watching cell phone users shuffle back and forth while we were waiting for our flight out of Atlanta last month.

This behavior is so pervasive it is astounding. Airports, restaurants, while driving, malls, stores, ...

Anyway, our banter was finally disrupted when a seriously confident looking man in a business suit walked by with a hands-free set plugged into his ear. Nothing out of the ordinary, until I noticed the cord was not plugged into a phone. The dangling mini plug was swinging with his step.

I can’t speculate on the cause of the disorder. But, I will continue to laugh at the absurdity.

As for me, I got rid of my cell phone three years ago and have never looked back.


Who wants to hook up all the tack and harness to your lapel and ear every time you get a call? If you get a fair amount of calls, might as well just leave it hooked up.

Whenever I see someone walking around with a headset, I can't help but thinking of Britney Spears, Janet Jackson, and their ilk. Then I usually imagine what it would be like if they dropped their briefcases suddenly and started dancing and singing.

I think rone nails it. I don't use a cellphone
nor even an ipod, but I do walk around most days
with a tethered ipod-style am/fm radio. Positioning
the earbuds is annoying. Once they're where they
should be, whether the radio's on or off it's
easiest to leave them as is.

You will be assimilated. Resistance is futile.

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