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April 12, 2005


The point of York's essay wasn't just that CAP was becoming a talking points factory, it was that CAP is simply anti-Bush - no forward-looking policy proposals or ideas. His 'headlines' were misleading because they are cherry picked to suggest that the CAP's overarching message is anti-bush, rather than a mix of positve proposals and critical commentary, as it is (and as the actual headlines show).


Maybe, but they still are being dishonest in defending themselves. Your defense is a matter of opinion. Their defense is a matter of lying. You can believe York is being tendentious, but he didn't lie and they did.

CAP, at least at it's outset, WAS an anti-Bush talking points factory. While lately it's been doing actual "think-tank" work, back during the campaign it seemed to be bash Bush only. I don't recall CAP ever hyping it's positive proposals until recentley. And actually reading the stories UNDER the "real" headlines you get the impression that they're not proposals or critisim, just partisan hackery. "Paige Papers Over Problems" and the Iraq one could have been issued by the DNC. Whatever CAP may be now, it wasn't during the last month of the campaign.

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