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April 13, 2005


Paypal, perhaps? Maybe the whole notion of bloggers as professional journalists (more accurately, professional pundits) supported by tip jars?

I don't know if that's really "barter," though it does strike me as a Deadhead economy for the 21st century. Everyone hop in the big van and share the wealth?

Perhaps he is suggesting that the only way for 3rd parties that do NOT have the limitless funds of the two major parties to compete or "get their message out" in the mainstream media is to allow them to barter for time on television, print media, and internet ad space.

I don't know about the bartering thing, but maybe the girl with the horse won an equestrian scholarship.

She was on a polo pony scholarship!

What would the 3rd parties barter with? They have to have something to give the networks/papers/etc. Obviously the internet is a good way to organize, but I am as mystified as Brendan as to what they guy meant by "barter".

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