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April 30, 2005


I just saw Shaolin Soccer last night and thought it was hilarious. Too bad Kung Fu Hustle doesn't seem to live up to it.

INCONCEIVABLE APOSTASY. KFH had me rolling. It was fantastic and fun. It's meant to be a cartoon; don't approach it expecting a 'straight' kung fu flick.

Ben: if you liked Shaolin Soccer, you'll love KFH.

I respect your meticulous substantiation when you do media criticism. You ought to apply those skills to backing up your film criticism.

This review is only one sentence of "isn't funny" and "boring CGI" away from "It sucked."

Yeah, I'm with those above who liked it.

My sons loved it.

Is it a "good" movie? Maybe not. But it's worth the $12 for two tickets.

Yeah, it's not much of a review. I'm trying to stick to politics and avoid this becoming a catch-all personal minutiae blog, especially since I don't have that much to offer on movies, but I felt compelled to warn against KFH, however briefly.

PS I love "inconceivable apostasy."

well it seems that those who didn't like kung-fu hustle should look at themselves and see what they find funny then relate it to the movie as it is a masterpiece of kung-fu parody which is hilarious, enlightening and all the things in between.

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