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April 09, 2005


Brenden, you were my TA last semester & I ran across this when I googled the recent NC State election. Will Quick went to my high school-- I bet he's SO MAD about all of this! Losing to a pirate...

This is a disgrace to Student Government at NC State and college campuses everywhere. The only way this could prove to be positive at all, would be for the Pirate Captain to drop the Captain role and lead under his real name - Whil Piavis. He could continue and brag of being a "brilliant campaigner." Also, what makes it worse is that Piavis ran as a joke, and planned on dropping out (having NO interest in holding the office) before the election. Unfortunatly, the media ate it up and gave him his 15 minutes of fame. His girlfriend (this is a quote) told members of both campaigns that "we've spent too much money to back out now, plus Whil's getting on the news!"

Anyways, Forrest Hinton (Student Senate President elect) has already been notified by Piavis that he will be taking a 3 week break becuase "campaigning" had taken a lot out of him. Coming up during that 3 week period....his swearing in and AN INSTALLATION of our new Chancellor. Man am I proud of my school's student body (sarcasm).

Simply awesome. Pirates are getting much better press lately.

Brad Griffin, have you even talked to Whil Piavis? He's very serious about this and never told anyone he was taking a "three-week break." He's been sworn in on schedule and met with the Board of Trustees, who were supportive. People are so ready to believe rumors when they don't really understand what's going on.
Sorry this is old news.


I trust my sources. As far as swearing in, that has not happened yet. He did attend the first Student Senate meeting. As for the Installation of our new chancellor, he showed up in a tshirt and cargo shorts. Wow, his remarks made it even better "I didn't bae (ok Im not even gonna try to translate into his childish Pirate talk) expecting to meet anyone, but they decided to introduce me to a lot of people.." Whil, you are a SBP elect, ofcourse you are going to meet people at the Installation, the people there care about our student gov't. While, I see that as a careless error on his part, he's ok to make a mistake being new to the job. I think he will make a great SB President ONCE HE DROPS THE Pirate Captain routine. Let him bring it out when necessary, but please show some respect to the position. Also, I DO understand what is going on...just doubting that TPC does. Im sure Whil will come around with good support and guidance, I can see Whil Piavis becoming a good student leader, but never The Pirate Captain. In conclusion, that's my main gripe now....lose the Pirate "getup". He'll gain a lot more support just because of that. He can be the BEST SBP ever and get everything accomplished, but as long as he's in a costume....it'll be just that, a joke.

Sorry for the late comment. The whimsical travels of Google led me here.

Brad, I think you are overreacting (or rather, overreacted, considering the tardiness of this comment). Since Piavis is still in office, I think my views still hold water:


Humor does not mean irreverance.

And the results from the "Year of the Pirate?"

Worst year in SG ever (executive side... the legislative was quite productive with a lame-duck president).

Whil never dropped the Pirate business and ended up having trouble keeping the interest of the students once he got in office. Many of the freshmen didn't care for him either... thought he was a joke. He did accomplish a few things while in office but compared to what other students could have done if they had the position, it was a major dissapointment.

Anyone that is critical of "The Pirate Captain" is missing the point. The fact that there was someone dressed as a pirate acting as student body president for an entire year only confirms what many of us have thought but had no proof.....that student government doesn't do anything and doesn't mean anything. That is what these other people in student government were so mad about. They knew they would get exposed! I commend this guy for keeping it up through the whole year when it would have been easier to drop the pirate thing and just be a regular person. Frankly, we could use some pirates in our nation's congress right now. Certainly couldn't screw things up any worse than the yahoos that are in Congress right now!

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