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April 13, 2005


This is more evidence of a trend toward academic leftists trying to shut down speech they don't like

This idea took me by surprise. Where's the other evidence of this "trend"?

"...a trend toward academic leftists..."

I really don't think you can attribute actions taken by disruptive protestors to "academic leftists." That would make about as much sense as attributing violence against abortion doctors to "Republicans" or "conservatives." Its questionable whether any of these actions actually represents measurable trends within their respective political groups.

Where's the other evidence of this "trend"? ... would stunts like throwing pies or salad oil in the faces of invited speakers count?

Thousands die due to American policies based on lies and deception. Media personalities take to the airwaves to ensure that the policies are acceptable to the American public, using lies and deception. Peaceful protestors are excluded from public events, government reports that contradict the administration are eradicated, and a news channel keeps a constant drumbeat of misinformation broadcasting out to people who gratefuly receive it because they desperately want to believe that there is nothing to be outraged about, that the charges are unfounded, that real progress is happening, that we're doing the right thing. Even a cursory investigation reveals that it's not true, but they happily embrace the illusion. These reports, the exclusion of disagreement, it all insulates these policy-makers from ever encountering the consequences of their decisions and the reality of their rhetoric. And what angers you? Why, these liberal college students who won't properly protest in a free speech zone miles away from the rest of us. How outrageous to enduce vomiting while someone from the CIA denies that American contractors are torturing civilians in Iraq? How outrageous to disrupt that paragon of honesty, the Department of Homeland Security, with coughing. How distasteful. Why, such vulgar displays offend my snobbish, elitist sensibilities. I do declare. How terribly improper.

Right, right. I need these vomiting Harvard brownshirts to help know who to not listen to! Just cough away, barf loudly, and you can't here those "lies". Who needs to waste time debating, engaging, looking for the truth, educating your opponents! Thanks so much Cody!!!

The left allows freedom of speech and encourages diversity-(political diversity included). Tolerance and peace have always been our motto. Students that disrespect, vomit and opress speakers cannot rightfully be called leftists.

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