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May 10, 2005


You right wingers sure can WHINE when you don't get your way, can't you? I never heard such whining from you and your church-going buddies! JEEZ-LEWEEZ, what THE HELL do you people WANT?

Considering how hard people have worked to make-up unsubstantiated theories about why the exit polls didn't match the voting tallies, "Brendan", it looks to me like no matter what you believe, one way or the other you are putting your faith in a conspiracy theory.

I mean, seriously, the official story is that a huge rush of Bush voters who no one ever saw suddenly appeared at the very last minute to shift the vote in Bush's favor. If you believe that, I've got a really nice bridge to sell you.

The comment from Joe is fantastic. One post, and he knows I'm a right-wing churchgoer. Amazing powers of deduction.

As for Avedon, her flawed reasoning assumes that the exit polls were correct, and that deviations from those exit polls represent evidence of voter fraud. But given the decentralized nature of the US election system, it's vastly more likely that the exit polls -- an imperfect human instrument -- were flawed in a series of mundane ways than that there was a massive nationwide vote-rigging conspiracy. In particular, all the political science models predicted that Bush should have won, so the fact that he did should not be surprising in hindsight.

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