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May 15, 2005


Jesus Christ-- they just got married. I've worked with Eileen; she's a professional as is her husband. If you are going to suggest or hint of wrong-doing by folks, be ready to back it up with solid facts.

The facts are Brownstein is married to McCain"s PR flack; ipso facto, by definition,. any piece on McCain by Brownstein is suspect, a conflict. The incumbency to prove otherwise redounds to the newly weds from henceforth, not the news . Posted by E. B. Hauck

I don't see a conflict of interest here, but it may support Brownstein's claim that McCain is contemplating a third party effort. Mc Cain has nowhere to go in a Jihadist Republican firmament. You Washington Post reference indicates that McCain is hiring centrist democrats to replace those who leave, viz:

Eileen McMenamin, longtime and highly regarded
political producer for CNN... to become
communications director for the Arizona Republican,
replacing Marshall Wittmann, gone to the Democratic
Leadership Council.

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