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May 31, 2005


Just a few comments;

1) polarizing figure - true but so is Bush. In fact if you look at the polls he is more polarizing than Hillary. Obviously it doesn't bother republicans. So why are democrats defensive about having a polarizing nominee? Republicans will turn any candidate Democrats nominate into a polarizing figure.

2) The press - True. The Corporate media will savage Hillary. But they savaged Bill Clinton, Al Gore, John Kerry. Do we see a pattern here? The press will savage any democrat. So nominating someone else is not the solution. They will demonize whoever the democrats nominate as liberal, flip flopping, liar, the usual stuff. At least Hillary will be prepared. Another candidate would be a babe in the woods. The long term answer to the bad press problem is for Democrats to develop their own press institutions. Their own NY Post, their own FOX, their own WSJ......

My point is not that Hillary is the best candidate. It will be tough for a woman to win. There is a pyschological barrier. But it is wrong to thing another candidate will easily overcome the obstacles Hillary will face.

A big reason for the success of Republican trashing campaigns is that they usually get to the chance to define the Democrat. No one outside Massachusetts really knew who Kerry or Dukakis was, and they wasted time in late summer, while the Republicans got to introduce them to the nation for them.

What new slanders could the Republicans possibly toss at Hillary that the nation has already heard many times throughout nearly the entire decade of the 90's? The fact that the new Klein book can't come up with anything that I haven't heard since Weezer's first album came out is a problem for them.

Hillary as "lesbian, Vince Foster killer, ambitious bitch, secret revolutionary socialist" is old news and is unlikely to convince anyone who hasn't already been convinced of it (who would most likely vote Republican no matter what.

The swing voters will likely shut off moldy Rush Limbaugh crap and will more likely be open to what she would actually propose to do as President. Of course thats where I feel she have the real trouble.

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