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June 05, 2005


Yes, I get those at my work e-mail, although not on Yahoo. Are you sure these are non-English-speakers? I always figured they were Monty Python fans. I've never opened any of these e-mails, but almost invariably the subject line contains a word with transposed letters--always the right letters, with none missing, but in the wrong order. Since they follow this pattern so consistently, I always figured it was intentional.

For the record, I get a kick out of them too.

Those names are probably randomly generated by a computer. Spam blocking software guesses if an email is real or spam by analyzing the content of emails, including the sender.

Spammers get around this by filling emails with randomly generated noise. You may have noticed that many spam emails end with a block of gramatically correct gibberish sentences like "colourless green ideas sleep furiously."

One man's gibberish is another man's poetry.

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