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June 21, 2005


Hey, if US Rep. Charles Rangel (D-NY) has recognized Moon as the True Parent, why should a conservative denounce the Washingmoon Times?

The only way they're going to be able to disavow Moon is if they stop taking his billions of dollars of subsidies -- the Washington Times doesn't make a penny.

Rumor has it that the Examiner company offered to purchase the paper, but the Moonists refused. If the cult loses the paper, they lose their base of operations.

The Washington Times was designed to give backbone to hard right politics in America while Moon funded and guided the religious right into controlling of the Republican party. Moon said that was his job as savior and he did it. No Moon No Bush, would never have happened. The conservative movement is Moon's theocratic political army though they do not see it.

Moon has made inroads with black ministers. This is an outgrowth of decades of mainstreaming by the right. (Moon was a VIP guest at the Reagan Bush inaugural - US News said in 1989 virtually every conservative organization in the DC had ties to his "church".) The media doesn't cover him so all the ministers hear is the lying propaganda Moon feeds them. Also, Bush used the Moon organization to promote his Faith Based vote buying scheme.

I am sure the right will be able to close the minds of their cult by saying things like your earlier poster but the facts for anyone who looks show Moon has funded and guided the religious right to power in America. It is their agenda he is bringing to America - he wants a more theocratic government. We now have an Americanized theofascist state in diapers. Moon did that not by hinmself but he was the straw that stirred the drink. You will see that if you look. This is just getting started, something most on the left do not understand either. The republican party is NOT in power without his billions. Yes, he outspent Scaife and yet he is invisible to the public. He isn't even a citizen and the right bowed to him for power.

Sick thing is that he made the BILLIONS to do this by swindling the Japnese, targeting widows.

No one has even gotten into his UN manipulations yet. The world is way, way behind him. He is winning.

Read the bottom post HERE if you think the WTimes isn't Moon's tool. Anyone whoever read any of speeches knows that he doesn't do anything which isn't intended to bring his group closer to directing world events.

Moon is the conservative movements "True" savior. Their leaders sold the nation and its constitution out to Moon and his theofascism and it is just getting started...

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