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June 13, 2005


Mr. Nyhan, you wrote "Americans don't like to think in group-oriented terms about politics." But isn't that how Dems became the majority party in the first place? Or has group-oriented campaigning simply assisted the slow erosion of liberal affiliation among Americans since Reagan's years of corporate favors?

Brendan: you have little to no campaign experience, so your silly punditry about what is good and isn't good politically is laughable. Only from the ivory tower...

Let's see. Kerry took the moderate road, not high road. His measured speech earned him almost enough votes to defeat the GOP machines,NO pun, just truth. The DEMs dumped their true believers. How much worse can Dean's truth-telling do? Maybe we will lose the next election by more votes. Maybe we will win by waking up some folks who care about the truth.

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