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June 28, 2005


Future searches for articles that contain both "Iraq" and "Vietnam" will come up with Taranto's article. The stupidity of this procedure for showing the currency of the Iraq-Vietnam cliche is revealed just by giving the procedure.

I Googled "war" and "peace" and got 31,900,000 hits. Since they were mentioned in the same articles, the authors must have been equating them. All these authors are victims of Orwellian thought control and believe that war is peace. Makes sense to me.

The similarity between Vietnam and Iraq is that people die.
But there are lessons here. When the United States has stayed on after fighting dictatorial enemies--admittedly for decades in Italy, Germany, Japan, Korea and the Balkans--progress toward democracy and prosperity ensued. Disengagement from unresolved messy problems--whether from Europe after World War I, Vietnam in 1973, Beirut after the Marine barracks bombings, Afghanistan after the Soviet defeat, or Iraq in 1991--only left murderous chaos or the "peace" of authoritarian dictators.

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