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June 22, 2005


John Edwards is more moderate than Hillary?

I've been under the impression that Hillary was about as centrist as her husband.

Why is John McCain so well-liked by Democrats, you ask?

Because we are open-minded, and like to be able to give examples of our open-mindedness, and he is the only high-profile Republican who is not a blackhearted son of a bitch.

He is wrong about many things, and stupidly wrong about many of them, but he loves his country, he hates corruption, and he hates government officials for whom service to country comes after service to career, wallet and ego.

We also like him because he beat the hell out of that smirking sack of shit in the New Hampshire primary. And he did it without unloading on or alienating Democrats.

I think you underestimate three things when you go after the McCain hype, (though I agree with you that he is overestimated a bit). First, regarding your claim that he is popular among dems because he has not been attacked by dems, I agree generally but think you overlook this effect on the entire poll. McCain will be taken down a notch, but "Rudy" is far more vulnerable to attacks on the conservative front based on past personal indiscretions and liberal social views, virtually locking up a McCain victory in the primary. McCain though he has some views that would be unpopular after attack, just has the teflon thing down, an unquantifiable substance that Americans seem to love far more than issues. Second, the poll, based on gen pop numbers does not take into account the fact that Clinton is so hated in red strongholds that she would be far less able to put swing states in play than McCain. I think her presence would actually bring out record numbers for repubs. Third, Repubs are far more likely to pragmatically jump on a winning horse without looking back than Dems are. I hate to say it, but Dems' openmindedness blocks them from being in lockstep, some of them would vote Mccain, (shown by the poll).

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