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July 28, 2005


Hillary is polarizing, but Bush's 2004 campaign proves that a polarizing figure can win the White House if they turn out their base

Brendan, what if the base isn't big enough. I think over time that's getting to be an open question. Maybe there aren't the sheer numbers of "base" Democrats left to play that strategy effectively.

I dont know how one measures this, but one very rigid social construction is gender; Hilary lacks a personal quality that Bush also had over Kerry, "masculinity," and which seems to play well to voters (men and women) in wartime or when they feel threatened. (Remember all those shots of Kerry hunting that the came out as his campaign tried to toughen his image).

I dunno Isaac. I think Hillary with a shotgun is pretty convincing! :)

What makes a quality candidate? Charisma. Pure and simple. Once you have charisma, you can fake the rest. Dubya is the extreme case of this. When was the last time someone uncharismatic was elected president? LBJ, maybe? You can talk all you want about Kerry's image as a flipflopper, but if he hadn't been such a goddamned stiff, he could have overcome that.

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