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August 15, 2005


Okay, if not spending limits, then how about taxation limits? Wasn't California's Proposition 13, loved by the citizens and hated by local governments, ultimately a successful manifestation of popular will?

If you limit revenue growth to parallel population growth or growth of economic value added, that wouldn't be thwarting popular will, would it? This way you're not telling politicians exactly what to spend money on, you're just saying that they have to make choices -- guns or butter or midnight basketball.

Sometimes the relationship between voters and politicians seems like that of a codependent wife to a raging alcoholic husband. Intervention in the form of statutory or constitutional fiscal restraint is just a way of saying "no". I don't buy the argument that people who live in countries with hyperinflation or oppressive regimes deserve their misery because those governments reflect the popular will. Aren't political scientists like you supposed to help us find ways to keep us from hurting ourselves? :)

I'm sorry that Republican politicians have such a hard time following the dictates of Grover Norquist...

Oh, you complete cad. :)

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