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August 31, 2005


Egh. Not impressed. It takes a lot of eye-winking and speculation to make the point she's trying very hard to make. If she's got the goods, she's not laying them out for her readers. (She may be giving more than Michael Moore would, but....)

I don't know what Haley Barbour had in mind or heart when he called the looters "sub-human." I know this. One should agree or disagree with his description regardless of race -- White, Black, Beige, Purple or Ohter. Stealing food when disaster has you in dire straits -- a moral question that upon which sides can disagree. Making off with a bag full of DVDs and/or a vacuum cleaner, on the other hand...

As for the cute gimmicky side-by-side photo, does Ms. Cox know whether or not the individuals who wrote the accompanying descriptions observed whether each person pictured "found" the items, or in fact looted a business? Moreover, I think her point would arguably be more sound if BOTH examples came from a single source. How are we to know whether either person here was motivated by differing levels of tendency toward racism and/or accuracy?

If people are taking advantage of this tragedy to steal housewares, jewelry and electronic equipment, they ought to be called out for it, regardless of the color of their skin. Period.

Call me overly-sensitive, but I don't think using a disaster like Katrina to take pot shots at the president is very clever.

Seriously, in the last few days, I've been unable to even read partisan bickering on the right or the left - it just seems so petty at the moment.

Bryan, I somewhat agree AND disagree...

I've been reading a lot of Moonbat nonsense of the "Bush, Cheney, Halliburton, Israel and Capitalism are responsible for _______" variety, which is as knee-jerk and lunatic fringe on this issue as on any other. Ridiculous, misplaced, silly, juvenile, etc.

However, I will say this -- it frightens me that after what we witnessed in South East Asia last year, and almost four full years after 9/11, we are still woefully unprepared as a nation for disaster response. Regardless of what precautions can and cannot be funded and by whom they should be.... it's the PLANNING that seems utterly absent here. That scares and concerns me.

Draining the city, tending to the rescue and recovery, rebuilding and getting our citizens back on their feet should come first. BUT there will come a time, when our officials at ALL levels of government -- federal, state and local -- should be called to account over this.

I must confess, I didn't find Ms. Cox to be that funny as well. People are struggling to survive in the disastrous hurricane in New Orleans and Ms. Cox thinks this is a fine time to make some cheap jabs at the Bush administration.

Meanwhile, some members of the left are taking this oppurtunity to try to blame the hurricane on the Bush administration. Over at the Daily Kos, they're wondering where all the National Guard are, accusing Bush of sending all of them to Iraq and leaving New Orleans vulnerable (despite the fact there are National Guardsmen present in New Orleans, with more to come).

Others are blaming the hurricane on Bush because he did not sign the Kyoto treaty. While signing that treaty may have lessened somewhat the extreme weather that has occured in the US and other countries, it remains dubious as to whether doing so would have prevented Katrina. In fact, an article in the New York Times quotes one meteorologist who stated that Katrina was not likely due to global warming.

While the Bush administrations handling of the Iraq war has been questionable, the ridiculous views of some on the left have seemed to escape the notice of individuals such as Ms. Cox.

Setting her on fire for that cheap shot is a little extreme, but i can understand the sentiment.

Call me overly-jaded, but

I do not think it is unreasonable to question why our "caring" president couldn't see fit to respond to the emergency the day it happened rather than end his FIVE week vacation 4 days early (rather than 2).

I do not think it is unreasonable to hold George and his cronies liable for disaster-profiteering. $5 a gallon in GA.

I do not think it is unreasonable to hold our president and his congress responsible for slashing funding that was essential to the Corps of Engineers projects in LA.

I do not think it is inappropriate to criticize a President who has politicized every event, disaster, and attack in an effort to bolster support for his failing regime. For crying out loud, the guy used the London bombings to his advantage. And, he has the gall to comment that he doesn't think anyone should politicize this disaster.

I do not think it is inappropriate to question our President's motives when he suggests opening the Federal Petroleum Reserves to "relieve the pain at the pump during this time of crisis" when he did NOT do so after 9/11. Why on earth would he suggest it now... maybe... here's your gee whiz moment... because his approval ratings are the lowest of his tenure?

What are you people defending?

You want everyone to take the flooding seriously and give those suffering their just help and sympathy... but you can't hold a President whose war, tax cuts, and corporate hand outs have drained our treasury liable for the MASSIVE failure of preparation this disaster has revealed.

Lastly, I do not find it in the least bit inappropriate to impugn a clown who pretends to give a damn about his country when it is so obvious he simply does not get it... How many of you watched his speech yesterday? Possibly the worst presidential speech in history.

Bush is an embarrassment to this country.


You do not understand. I am not upset about her having specific complaints about the President's behavior - I am upset she used the tragedy in New Orleans as a backdrop for a lame Bush Iraq War parady.

Read what was posted on this site as clips from Wonkette. Maybe I read it wrong, but I did not see any specific criticism of Bush or his actions in regard to the hurricane. If I am wrong, please point it out.

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