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August 25, 2005


Mr. Nyhan:

You assume a science / religion dichotomy that doesn't exist. If Darwinian evolution is not religion, it's original purpose was and main thrust has been to attack religion. Darwinian evolution is as much an ontological doctrine as any religion or philosophy.

Are you unaware that, in his autobiography, Charles Darwin stated that the reason he spent decades dreaming up evolution was to discredit "the damnable doctrine" of Christianity?

Are you unaware that Thomas Huxley, Darwin's "bulldog" in the 1860s, said that Darwin had proved that there is no God, thus no sin, no right or wrong, merely the struggle for survival.

Are you aware that British Marxists in the 1860s enthusiastically embraced Darwinism as proof that Karl Marx's secular and materialistic religion of socialism was the truth?

Are you aware that America's most prominent socialist intellectual of the early 20th century, John Dewey, said that Darwin had proved that everything is continually in flux, therefore religion, morality, and right and wrong are false ideas; that pragmatically all that counts is whether your actions achieve your personal desires? In other words, that there being no higher law of morality, life in the Darwinian world is, as in Hobbes's Leviathan, by nature nasty , brutish, and short.

Are you aware that eugenics was spawned by Charles Darwin's cousin Sir Francis Galton, who opined that Darwin having shown that life has no inherent purpose and no moral content, intellectuals should be free to weed undesirable traits from the breeding population, a thesis that Hitler found very useful.

I challenge you to demonstrate a single actual use of Darwinian evolution. It has zero predictive value; it can only presume evolutionary links by inference, because no one ever has demonstrated a specific evolution of one species into another. Certainly the millions of intermediate life forms of such a transition, necessitated by the hypothesis of evolution, are nowhere to be found in the fossil record.

Cladistics has no need for Darwinism, as it came into being with Aristotle. Still today there are warring camps among evolutionists concerning classification of certain species.

I challenge you to find a scintilla of evidence to support the most basic assumption of Darwinism, without which the edifice collapses: that life is an accidental and purely material phenomenon and that every living thing came from a single primordial blob of accidental life.

Tom Brewton

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