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August 21, 2005


i'd also like to add (and i wish i had a cite/site for this idea) that blogs are not going to kill traditional media outlets wholesale, but rather increase the concentration to the point where there are only a handful of major outlets. those that remain will be focal and retain an ability to set the agenda.

the above sentiment seems to be growing. why would we suspect that parties and interest groups will be any different. when the next terrorist attack comes we are going to turn on cnn or nytimes.com and in the next election we are going to be voting for democrats and republicans. reputation has immense value, even more in the era of 500 channels and the web.

Political parties aren't going anywhere. Individuals uniting into groups to make themselves stronger is human nature. The end of the two-party dominance we have right now is possible, but highly unlikely absent the institution of something like proportional voting. And maybe not even then.

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