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August 19, 2005


Ignore any attempt by Sheehan to use her profile for political purpose. Rebutting these are not allowed.

Oh, come on.

Arguing with someone you disagree with is *not* an attack on dissent.

An attack on dissent would be to throw Sheehan jail for "providing aid and comfort to the enemy." Complaining that she's antisemitic is merely exercising the same rights she herself is exercising.

These people aren't arguing with her (or calling her anti-Semitic in the quotes I presented) -- they're attacking the very idea of criticizing the government by saying it endangers US troops, encourages the enemy, etc. By that logic, we can't have a democracy because any criticism of the war or the president puts troops in danger and so forth.

How is that different from the "chickenhawk" argument that you can't support the war unless you or someone you love is in Iraq right now?

Attacking someone for supporting the enemy - whether truly or falsely - isn't "stifling" anything and claiming that it does so serves no purpose than to distract from the substance of the argument.

I think we can all agree that words and deeds have consequences, both good and bad, sometimes unintended, sometimes the reverse of what /was/ intended. Mrs Sheehan is contending that President Bush's words and deeds are having overwhelmingly, if not exclusively, negative consequences. I disagree with that claim, but she is certainly free to make it. And others are equally free to contend that /her/ words and deeds are having overwhelmingly, if not exclusively, negative consequences. If you want to refute those contentions, fine, get to work on the points themselves. You can start with those you quoted above:

Barone: Some in the press don't want us to win this war.

CTFP: Mrs Sheehan is being manipulated by political forces seeking to undermine the war effort, thus encouraging those Casey Sheehan gave his life fighting against.

Horowitz: Mrs Sheehan is deliberately, and successfully, acting as a propagandist for very anti-American forces that killed her son.

Note -- in the spirit of fair play, should have some refutations of Mrs Sheehan's arguments (such as they are). Perhaps we can start with 'Bush is a lackey of a warmongering Zionist neocon cabal' ...

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