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August 17, 2005


> (1) Murdoch privately believes Clinton
> might actually win the presidency in
> 2008 and wants to hedge his bets

Hedge his bets how? He certainly didn't have any stake in the first Clinton presidency and did pretty well then, why would he need any stake in a hypothetical second Clinton presidency?

I think your ideas are good. What do you think of Bob Woodward predicting Cheney will be the GOP's candidate in `08?

The profit motive fits in with your previous analysis of Hillary, B-dog. She makes such a great media candidate for the same reason (you say) she makes a lousy political candidate - because she elicits such polarized opinions, with very few who don't know or don't care about her. Both Hillary bashing and Hillary praising have a long pedigree, and they both sell -and maybe they even reinforce each other.

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