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August 13, 2005


This posting itself didn't convince me of the GOP's hypocrisy; it overlooked the possibility that the party might actually have good reason to think that Tobin didn't do it. Your quote from the AP story would have been more damaging if you'd included the fact that "[a] top New Hampshire party official and a GOP consultant already have pleaded guilty and cooperated with prosecutors."

But they may still in fact have good reason to think that Tobin didn't do it. And in fact that good reason is right there near the beginning of the story: "'Jim is a longtime friend who has served as both an employee and an independent contractor for the RNC,' a spokeswoman for the RNC, Tracey Schmitt, said Wednesday. 'This support is based on his assurance and our belief that Jim has not engaged in any wrongdoing.'"

Tracey Schmitt and I, us two soft-on-crime bleeding hearts, agree that an assurance of no wrongdoing is a good indication of innocence.

But seriously, disgust with the GOP's hypocrisy aside, Nyhan's excerpts in themselves were really not convincing.

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