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August 06, 2005


I don't like this at all. Voting on a weekend means you can't ask for time off work to vote!

I much prefer the campaign to just make election day a holiday.

The more I think about that "weekend voting" idea, the more I like it. But I'm having trouble clarifying exactly why I like it.

Do I want to make it easier for more people to vote? No, that's not a particular interest of mine. If somebody can't be bothered to go vote on Tuesday, they're probably not paying much attention anyway.

Being able to vote is important. But it seems to me that a larger voter turnout would incentivize more promises of bread and circuses. That is to say, the people who already vote do so because of an interest in good governance. The people who are marginally attached to voting probably do so because they see a special benefit out of voting for a candidate.

I could be wrong. But, frankly, my own view is that the fewer people that vote, the more my vote counts.

On the other hand, the idea of a voting day that doesn't subtract much productivity from the economy is also appealing.

I concur rone, keep it on Tuesday.

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