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August 02, 2005


Whenever i see the guy's last name, it makes me think it's the moniker of a 1984-style Ministry. Ministry of Terrorism -> MiniTer.

What about The Connection by Hayes? Have you read it, Brendan NOT Miniter? Not that Saddam helped orchestrate 9/11, but he did assist bin Laden and we are uncovering more juicy details every month.

So, you're saying that there were no terror attacks before 9-11? And that Iraq never supported Al Queda in any way?

Obviously I'm not saying that there were no terrorist attacks before 9/11 or that Iraq and Al Qaeda never had contact. And I have read Stephen Hayes' magazine articles. But the definitive report remains that of the bipartisan 9/11 Commission, which found unanimously that no operational relationship between Iraq and Al Qaeda existed. I'm aware of no solid evidence that contradicts this conclusion; if it existed, wouldn't the Bush administration be shouting from the rooftops?

People are shouting. I assume you have your iPod on.

No operational connection is not the same as no connection.

Fortunately Americans are (mostly) looking at the larger picture. For a physical look at that pictue a map of Iraq and the surrounding countries is sufficient.

Yep - Set aside Stephen Hayes et al. Who in the Bush administration is making a case right now that an operational relationship existed between Iraq and Al Qaeda?

"Who in the Bush administration is making a case right now that an operational relationship existed between Iraq and Al Qaeda?"

"And of course, he glosses over the way the Bush administration implicitly linked Sept. 11 to the war in Iraq and used weapons of mass destruction as the primary justification for war"


The two comments above, both by you, illustrate why few people can take most liberal/leftist's analysis of the current challenge from Islamofascism seriously. On one hand, you accuse the Bush Administration of implying an operation link between Hussein and Al Qaeda, on the other hand you fault them for not making an explicit case today of an operational link, even though by your own admission they NEVER made an explicit case.

FDR, the great liberal icon of the 20th Century, explicitly linked the war against Germany and Italy with the war against Japan, even though there were no "operational relationships" between Imperial Japan and Nazi Germany. Do you fault FDR for that?

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