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August 13, 2005


Heh heh. I've been having a character in a short story i'm writing speak almost exclusively with exclamation points.

I'm a bit surprised you note such journalist-editorializing approvingly.

This, it seems to me, is one of the downsides of "he said/she said" reporting. When you simply report what each side says, each side will hype up the hyperbole in order to win the rhetorical he said/she said match. (or, in this case, to present their case in the most exuberant language possible)

And the only recourse a reporter has is to subtly -- or, in this case, not so subtly -- weigh in on one side or the other with a bit of editorializing.

Well, that's not entirely true. They could try discerning the facts, rather than simply letting other people use them for PR.

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