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September 13, 2005


Facing a media as hostile as any in memory, can you blame them for not wanting to provide extra ammunition? Even the things they don't do wrong are held against them -- remember RatherGate?

Really, this is much ado about nothing. Was any President ever totally honest?

While my own style is to admit mistakes pretty readily, I think "ruthlessly pragmatic" is pretty good.

They FIRED a general, in Jan. 2004, BEFORE the Abu pictures.

Now they've fired Brown, who was a heck of a lot better in practice than on TV, but he was fired primarily for being bad on TV. And, prolly, too legalistic in the states-fed power struggle with an obviously incompetent Dem Mayor, and an obviously incompetent Dem Governor.

Incompetents who DO look good on TV, with softball Dem media questions lobbed to them.

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