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September 14, 2005


I've been distressed about the state of conservativism for a decade at least. Partisianship long ago became a substitute for debate and principled positions. Most people who call themselves conservative these days doesn't even seem to know what the word means or the history of the philosophy. We are indeed a long way from Russell Kirk. Hell, it's even hard to remember the real Ronald Reagan thanks to the way the partisans have hijacked his legacy.

Brendan, I keep a copy of All the President's Spin by my bedside to remind myself just how cynical (and masterful) this administration is in its manipulation of the media. This is a great post, and I'm thrilled to see that conservatives are waking up to the lunacies of cable TV and right-wing pseudo-books. Let's hope it sticks.

For an astonishing look at GOP spin, from inception to execution, this post is a must read. It verifies all the points you make in your groundbreaking book.

Richard (pekingduck.org)

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