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September 10, 2005


I think that you deleted some straightforward, non spam comments as well btw.

If so, I apologize. That's part of the problem with the spam comments - when I'm mass-deleting them, some real ones may get accidentally thrown out too.

The problem with registration is that it often makes it harder to comment on the spur of the moment, and a lot of people (ahem) don't want to remember another password.

That said, if deleting spam is becoming a problem for you, you'll have to balance the costs and benefits.

word verification would be better, if you can get it, but i'd sign in to comment on your blog. on the bright side, i think getting comment spam means you've "arrived." i still don't get any. boohoo.

I read Alterman every day. I like him. I've never heard of you until today.

You're clearly right on this one. Hang in there.

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