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September 16, 2005


Curiously and interestingly enough, in the conventional mythology encouraged by conservatives and when-we-were-not-in-charge GOPs, the political left is associated with pork-barelled/throw-your-money-at-the-problem type of interventions. Nevertheless, while the President's approval ratings are reaching record lows, public spending is seemingly uncontrollably sky-rocketing. Could that be what Mr. Bush meant when he pledged the USA would go to Mars sooner than later? The Homeland Security Department's scandal is not only a text book exemple of mismanagement but it is at the forefront of the throwing-your-money-at-your-incompetent-cronies mouvance. At the very least, the left is trying to aim at the problem when it throws money. What will they think of next: Declaring war on hurricanes?

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