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September 17, 2005


It appears to me that the entire townhall.com hallmark is currently looking for a brain to think with. Showing unity while their Dear Leader was aiming for reelection was an easy task as it did not need any pragmatic assessment of any situation. However, facing the horrible shortcomings of the strategy based on pushing forward the election of fabricated albeit incompetent presidential candidates, conservative commentators are obviously trying to avoid the issue by whistling the other way. While Tony Blankley keeps himself busy making absurd assertions on poles, Ann Coulter is self-indulging in decades-old Ted Kennedy mental movie dementia. Meanwhile, David Jacoby will tell you that the relief effort is colour blind whereas Suzan Shields is warning you from the dangers of multiculturalism. Furthermore, Megan Basham is conforting herself thinking that Exorcism might be the way to go in order to cure Ann Coulter's dementia. Since nature hates emptiness, it is just about time that a new competency-based agenda be put forward in order to fill up that void. That agenda should not this time attempt to answer townhall.com-type of partizanery but rather be based on what a pragmantic assessment of what the needs of the United State's nation are and how to address them properly.

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