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October 15, 2005


this site is totally misleading. plays viewers for fools? it looks like they were just in the water where people put their boats in. and if there's deeper water but they couldn't do it there for safety, what's the difference. seems like YOU are playing viewers for "fools" when nbc was pretty straighforward and said they weren't intentionally trying to dupe anyone.
why do you make it seem like they wanted viewers to believe otherwise?
and by saying the the reporters "played people for fools," isn't that potentially libelous? if there was no intent to harm?

I really don't think the intent was to decieve. You can clearly hear Michelle say "What's up fellas" as the beginning of the segment, so it isn't like she was hiding the fact that they were about to walk across her shot and reveal the depth of the water. Plus, are you suggesting that there really wasn't flooding??? There really was you know.

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